Show Biz!

Want to get in show biz? CPM, Inc. can help. And the cost to partner with a major Hollywood release is less…much less…than you might think.

The magic, the “secret sauce”, the “1+1=3”, is that CPM, Inc.created programs generally do not require any licensing fees. Often the studio is willing to kick in some cash in support of a program, over and above permission to use the characters and assets from the movie.

The program starts with some type of proposition. Buy two of this and get $5 off of that. Buy the DVD and get a something or other for free. Go to the promoting brand website and enter to win something having to do with the movie. A value-add offer.

Then we move on to “how do we get the word out” on the proposition. In 2008 it was print, maybe some cross linking of websites. Later, reciprocal Facebook posts were added. Now, social media content generators (bloggers) are often a big part of “getting the word out”.

In-store activation is critical as well: packaging, IRC’s, in-store demo, cross-merchandising, point-of-purchase materials. It all combines to create a 360 degree approach to creating interest in the proposition, thus for the brands and the movie.

CPM, Inc generated programs are kind of like the “Big Gulp”. You know, buy a large drink, and for just a few cents more! you can get a lot more.

The large drink is the money a brand is going to spend marketing, on something, in any case. Using these funds, the brand can realize added value, sometimes by partnering with complementary brands (to share costs and broaden the reach of the proposition), and tie in with a major Hollywood blockbuster.

In 2015, CPM, Inc. is empowered to activate partnerships will multi-millions in box office potential. The studio, the brand, the retailer, even the consumer…everybody wins. At little, if any, incremental cost.

Want to “get in show biz” in 2015? CPM, Inc. is the “Big Gulp”. The “Super Size”. CPM, Inc. is what makes 1+1=3.

CPM, Inc. is a marketing services company that focuses on developing and executing cost-efficient partnership marketing programs with entertainment properties. Since founding CPM, Inc. in 2008, CPM has worked closely with Fox, DreamWorks Animation, Universal, Paramount, and Sony studios to develop co-promotions behind theatrical and home entertainment releases.

Further, CPM, Inc. has developed broad CPG and retailer relationships, and has partnered with top companies such as The Coca-Cola Company, Bird’s Eye, Cott Beverage, Del Monte Foods, Diamond Foods, Kellogg’s, Clorox, ConAgra Foods, Mars, Nestle, Purina, Reckit-Benckeiser, Schiff Nutrition, Tyson Foods, Walmart and Sam’s Clubs.