Our first question is:

What are you doing?


What are you doing already

that would benefit from a partnership with a major Hollywood blockbuster (and potentially complementary brand partners) using funds you are going to deploy anyway.

The magic, the “secret sauce”, the “1+1=3”, is that CPM, Inc. created programs generally do not require any licensing fees. Often the studio is willing to partner in support of a program, over and above permission to use the characters and assets from the movie.

CPM, Inc generated programs are kind of like the “Big Gulp”. You know, buy a large drink, and for just a few cents more! you can get a lot more!

In 2015 and beyond, CPM, Inc. is empowered to activate partnerships will multi-millions in box office potential. The studio, the brand, the retailer, even the consumer…everybody wins. At little, if any, incremental cost.

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